An IndyGear Legend Has Left Us

Lee Keppler

It is with much sadness that we share news that the designer of the Indiana Jones jacket and owner of Wested Leather Company, Peter Botwright has passed away. Shown above with the AdventureBilt fedora gifted to him by the IndyGear community along with one of his signature jackets, Peter was a very talented gentleman that helped create the look of an icon. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and to all he has touched over the years with his offerings and support to the fan community.


Our Hero's Returning!

Indy 5

Indy fans everywhere are rejoicing at the news, straight from the House of Mouse. Steven Speilberg and Harrison Ford will return on July 19th, 2019 in a fifth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise! You can read Disney's press release here.

An IndyGear Pioneer Passes

Lee Keppler

Our hearts are once more heavy for a dear friend and pioneer in our hobby, Lee Keppler. Lee was many a member's first foray into the collecting side of IndyGear. Even before the days of the internet, with his Xeroxed price guide, Lee made friends with each of his customers, loving to spin a yarn or even just chat between orders. He was enthusiastic in his love of the Indy franchise and had a passionate eye for detail in the gear. He will be greatly missed. Rest In Peace, my friend.

Indy Comes To The Nation's Capital

Indy Exhibit

Since May 14th, The Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology has resided at the National Geographic Museum in Washington, DC. It will be on display until January 3, 2016.

Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology invites museum visitors on a multimedia adventure, immersed in the exciting world of Doctor Jones. Visitors will use an interactive handheld device with an audio greeting from Harrison Ford and comprehensive educational content, photos and videos, which will guide them on the "Indy Trail" and through various archaeological zones. The exhibit features a vast, exclusive collection of original Indy props, models, concept art and costumes as well as a wealth of historical and cultural context and objects. The internationally renowned Penn Museum has provided a remarkable array of archaeological artifacts and educational material. As the exhibition's global presenting partner, National Geographic has also shared photos, videos and content archives to illustrate the franchise's connection to real-world archaeology.

Indy Exhibit 1 Indy Exhibit 2

Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology: The Exhibition will be open at the National Geographic Museum from May 14, 2015, to Jan. 3, 2016. Tickets are now on sale (202) 857-7700. For information on the exhibit, visit

A couple of groups of Gearheads plan on attending the exhibit. Check out the boards to get in on the gathering.

Indy Gets Social

Indy Facebook

Its been up for quite some time, but for folks who aren't members of the boards, IndyGear has a Facebook presence. Follow here!

30th logo

Our friends over at the Prop Store have asked us to announce that they've got an upcoming auction that features materials from all 3 Indiana Jones films, in their upcoming Live Auction of Film and Television Artefacts.

Over 375 original film and television props and costumes will go under the hammer on October 16th in Westfield, London. The public will be able to get up close and personal with some of the most valuable and iconic pieces on offer throughout a free two week exhibition at Vue Westfield Starting October 1st.

Indy Joins The House of Mouse

Indy Disney

On Friday, December 6th, it was announced that Disney aquired the rights to market and release future Indiana Jones films. Disney's Alan Horn has stated that it'll take 2 to 3 years for a new Indy film to materialize, stating they need a story.

You can read more possibilities in a Variety article here.

Frank Marshall has tweeted that he's getting used to being back in the Indy offices at Disney and shared his favorite Indy pic.

Why's Indy Wearing Shorts?

A question oft asked to Mark Raats is actually the end of a tale of a fan's trip to Indy locales. Click on through to read Mike's Hawaiian adventure, and of a wife's dare that led to an fun-filled vacation of a lifetime.

Indy Swing

Latest Digs

Sideshow Statue

Now slated to ship in January 2014, Sideshow Collectibles is offering an Indiana Jones and the Pursuit Of The Ark statue.

Two versions of the statue will be available, with the exclusive having interchangeable hands.

Indy Turns 30!

30th logo

June 12, 2011 will mark the 30th anniversary for the fiim that started all of us on this crazy little hobby. Though not much is being done "officially", we've been discussing it on our forum boards. Be sure to stop by and it out.

Also, we've had a great thread start up where members discuss their first experiences with Indy. What a better way than to share how our favorite archaeologist was introduced into our collective fandom. Click here to read a sampling of posts.