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June 12, 1981 - South America - Day (in actuality a darkend theater in a Maryland suburb)

Indiana Jones, Archeologist, Adventurer, Obtainer of Rare Antiquities treks through steamy jungles with two shifty-eyed guides... and soon, this date will have more importance to one person than just being his birthday. Mike quickly became fascinated with Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indy and his "gear." That Halloween, he even "whipped" up his first Indiana Jones costume. Though with the budget of an eleven year-old, most thought he was 'some kind of gangster.'

Fast forward to 1989, Mike started collecting the actual "manufacturer's" gear, and got to know Lee Keppler. His quest was nearing completion.

Today, as Rick Blain was the proprietor of the famous café in Casablanca, Mike manages Club Obi Wan making the tough decisions and doing the job that no else wants. His service to the moderators and members is the glue that holds the place together. Mike's dedication, knowledge, and longitivity in this hobby are rare and his enthusiasm is second to none. With Mike around, IndyGear's Club Obi Wan is in good hands.