Dr. David West Reynolds

Content Contributor


An archaeologist, best-selling author and science media consultant, Dr. David West Reynolds joins us to share his professional knowledge of the archaeology behind Indiana Jones.

Dr. Reynolds earned his Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology at the University of Michigan, specializing in Imperial Rome and ancient Egypt. In 1995 he served as a location scout for Lucasfilm, re-locating the Tunisian desert filming sites of the original Star Wars movie. This expedition also began Dr. Reynolds' quest to track down the locations used in Raiders of the Lost Ark (which was also shot in Tunisia). These projects led to a job at Skywalker Ranch and the writing of seven Star Wars books. Today Dr. Reynolds writes popular and academic science books and articles on topics ranging from the archaeology of medieval Africa to space policy analysis. He is the director of Phaeton Group, a science and media think tank that pursues field science projects in several different fields.

We are pleased to have Dr. Reynolds aboard and hope that you will enjoy his contributions to our community as much as we do. If you'd like to know more about Dr. Reynolds and his on-going field missions, you can check out the Phaeton Group website.