Club Obi Wan Developer and Administrator


In 1981, a high school junior went to the movies with his parents.

A movie he actually enjoyed watching and discussing with them.

There was an instant connection.Definitely a brave gearhead, Dalexs has been known to sacrfice items to acheive a "screen-look" appearance to his gear. Many feel he's perfected the re-dying of the now extinct MBA shirts and he also has a great tutorial on how to achieve that perfect "Raiders" bow on your fedora. We are happy that he is on board with his eye for detail to help out with the IndyGear site and as a moderator on Club Obi Wan. His efforts have already paid off allowing IG staff an easier way to communicate with each other and allow for more immediate feedback of issues at hand. So the next time you feel like boiling a shirt, be sure to look up Dalexs' tutorials first at his site:, or feel free to ask his advice directly.