The Pants of Indiana Jones




The pants worn by Indiana Jones in all three films were based on original World War II Army and Army Air Corps officer trousers. Although not original Pinks they are based on the same basic design and do carry a slight pinkish hue. The pants made for Raiders are said to be more of a greyish-brown where the pants made for Temple of Doom and Last Crusade were supposedly a purer reddish-brown. The pants were made of a khaki wool-twill, pleated with seven belt loops, two scalloped button flap rear pockets, a button fly and a four-inch military style hem. They were all most likely subcontracted by the costume department and made by famed London based cinema costumers, Angels and Bermans, to be tailored perfectly for Harrison Ford for the production.

RotLA pants

ToD pants

LC pants


The Military Hem
The Indiana Jones pants are tailored with a classic military styled pants hem. The front of the hem is one inch higher than the back and the hem stitch is four to five inches from the bottom as illustrated by the stills from the film. A standard military hem is at most three inches, but it appears as though the Indiana Jones pants were hemmed at about four or five inches, most likely so Harrison Ford would not get them caught on his ankle-high boots while filming.



LC hem