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We do not sell the Indiana Jones items!

IndyGear is an information-only site that has been devised to provide information about and links to people who do. We are not affilicated with any vendors listed but our site is simply a resource to help fellow Indiana Jones fans locate items used in the movies for their own collection. Think of us as an online Grail Diary to provide clues and help you in your quest to find that perfect Fedora...or whatever it is you are searching for.

How to use this site:

The ideal way to learn about the gear is to first visit the gear section of a particular item you are interested in (using the menu to the left). If you are interested in purchasing the gear, then you may visit the vendors section to find which listed vendor carries what you're interested in and obtain their contact information.

Should you have any questions, the site message board, Club Obi Wan, has been setup to further assist you. It features a large, well organized collection of information & input from fans and staff members alike. Chances are that you will find more than what you are looking for after a quick search through its archives.

If you still have questions, feel free to email the site for further assistance. Be sure to put "IndyGear Question" in the subject matter of your email so it won't be mistaken for spam.